When IBM’s Center for Business Value released its 2011 report into the relationship between social media, marketing and brands, it revealed a “perception gap”. On the one hand, marketers had an understanding that their connected consumers “wanted” or even “expected” a certain style of interaction through social media. And on the other hand, there was the hard reality of what those customers actually wanted. The gap between the two was the distance between two competing realities.

But is anyone listening?

Every website you visit may download a different collaboration app!

Given the variety of WebRTC enabled communications applications, it would be very easy to inadvertently click on something that gave camera or microphone control to someone I don't know and don't care to know. How does WebRTC provide security for this brave new world of ubiquitous browser-based voice, video, and data?

I recently had the privilege of speaking with Eric Rescorla of RTFM, Inc. about this topic. Eric is the author of two IETF RTC-Web working group documents focusing on WebRTC security--one discusses WebRTC Security Considerations and the other proposes a WebRTC Security Architecture that satisfies these security considerations.

A few months ago, I predicted that the low hanging fruit for WebRTC in the enterprise space would be in customer service and support applications, including e-commerce sites. This prediction turned out to be true when FreeCRM announced that it has already integrated WebRTC into its cloud-based CRM solution. In the initial offering, the agent is only able to make outbound calls to the PSTN. This fall, the company will enable inbound calls as well.

[Infographic] To post or not to post to Facebook?

Vegas transformed itself from family destination to adult playground, it seems that Facebook too is experiencing this kind of shift. With a revitalised MySpace and a plethora of low demand/high impact alternatives like Instagram and SnapChat it may well be that Facebook enters a new era of adult-focused engagement.

Constellation Research pioneered the complete set of front office and back office use cases for social business in 2010. This report provides insight into a key mega-area — lead to deal use cases. This best practices research report offers insight into two of Constellation’s primary research themes, the Next-Generation Customer Experience and the Consumerization of Information Technology/The New C-Suite.

Event Report  Cornerstone had their yearly user conference Convergence in San Diego from June 6th-8th. The conference was well attended with over 1000 customers, partner and employees coming from all over the world.