Earlier this week Salesforce held their 2016 Analyst Summit. At this event, they shared information about their product and marketing plans, we heard customer stories, and we were able to ask questions to several top executives. In the video below I provide an overview of the Salesforce product portfolio, explain some of the terminology they use (ex: Lightning, Thunder, Wave, Salesforce1), and highlight some of their strengths in the collaboration market. 

“Should we use a group of products from a single vendor or purchase different features from multiple specialized vendors?”

Here is a recap of some of the key news of the last week in the Social Business / Employee Collaboration / Future of Work world.

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Reference Links:

BoxWorks - watch the keynotes

Below is my review of the announcements (or lack of) at Box's BoxWorks 2015 conference.  Quick summary:

Box solidifies their strategy to be a content services platform for applications. Over the last few years they have invested heavy in their infrastructure and architecture and that work is now paying off. Box made several announcements that improve security, deployment and management including:

On Jan 14th, Facebook officially announced the much rumoured Facebook for Work. This private version of the popular social network is designed to provide employees a place to collaborate securely with their colleagues. This sounds like a great idea, if it were still 2010.