1. Video: Long Way to Go to Tackle Identify Fraud

    As quoted on the Fundacion Innovacion Bankinter site. Steve Wilson, Constellation VP & Principal Analyst shares his POV in 10.5 minutes.

    "Identity fraud is very simple, it is necessary to work in authentication because it is now very easy to replace, falsifying and stealing the digital identity. The identification industry has worked on increasing security and privacy, reduce costs and barriers of authentication, but needs to go much further."

  2. CEN Member Chat: Shifting Sands of Retail

    Constellation's Managing Editor, Chris Kanaracus, offers tips on hot upcoming research coverage. Constellation Research VP & Principal Analyst, Guy Courtin, provides his take on what's essential about the dynamic retail sector and provides plenty of ideas related to popular brands and the business outcomes enabled by technology.

  3. CEN Member Chat: Assisted Productivity

    Constellation Research VP & Principal Analyst, Alan Lepofsky, shares his latest technology research on Assisted Productivity - How Artificial Intelligence Will Help People Get Work Done. Chris Kanaracus, Constellation's Managing Editor provides 2016 highlights on business and technology trend insights to watch for.

  4. The State of Identity

    Steve Wilson discusses the state of identity with respect to borderless identity, user experience, and the role of the security officer in the digital age.