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In Q4 2014 Constellation Research surveyed over 500 organizations of at least 1,000 employees in the education, healthcare, high tech and retail industries to determine the current state of mobile transformation. This report uncovers three core areas:

Part 4; The Enterprise Digital Business Platform; integrating the functions of a Digital Business together into a cohesive Enterprise.

The Digital Business transformation of how an enterprise does business through its Buy and Sell operations is frequently a creating of immense value and quite quickly too. However success brings its own challenges, namely the difficulties of integration an enterprise’s capability for order fulfillment via its internal processes for adding value.  

This morning Pivotal informed the world on three major announcements, the creation of a BigData Product Suite, a partnership with Hortonworks and the launch of an ‘Open Data Platform’.

Let's analyze the implications of these announcements.

How can business users make sense of all the data that is being collected? Business users speak in business terms – lead conversion rates, reducing churn, increasing customer lifetime value. And that is NOT SQL language. However, to make better decisions about their campaigns and their overall business, they do need to use big data insights.

In January, Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini announced to employees that the company was raising its minimum wage from $12 to $16 per hour, and announced an improved health benefit for lower-income employees.

Why? The positive effect of higher wages on morale, health, and turnover are the obvious answers, but there is more on Bartolini’s mind. Income inequality creates several substantial risks. See how companies are heading off these risks.

We live in a blizzard of branding, so it was a surprise to hear from my friends Dr. Natalie Petouhoff and Laura Walton that brands are having a hard time these days. Apparently it’s becoming increasingly difficult for them to deliver on their brand promises.

One thing I’ve known for a very long time is that delivering on promises is pretty important.

I would like to explain how Anticipatory Analytics should work – and give you an idea of what the value is. This is, in essence, what predictive analytics should’ve been in generation 1.0, and how we evolve from that definition of predictive to today’s model. As I mentioned before, I see predictive as being badly implemented more than anything and am hoping this model can improve and replace those faulty implementations.

The outcome for this model: explore the art of the possible.

For business to generate value from their investments in social initiatives, integrated programs need to be rolled out across five dimensions:...

In the marketing industry, we have been talking, writing and even creating a shift in the way that we do business for over a decade. Early blogs and (what is now called) social media provided an inkling into where the shift was going – away from paid media into “owned” and “earned” media.

I don’t know about you, but I do worry about cybercrime. I just got another notice in the mail from a company saying that they “may have had a security breach.”  The security of CRM or customer data is clearly something that customers care about. Its become so common that it’s almost not a shocker when […]